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Hi there!

what's going on world? Here's what's going on in lamby Canadiens SUCK and didn't even make the hockey playoffs this year. *sulks* Hubby is still in remission. *yay!* My oldest girl graduates high school in about 6 weeks and will be joining the Air National Guard before she starts college. We lost two of our doggies in the last year; Chewbacca WAS 18 so can't really complain too much...but I really miss them. We currently have three doxies in the house. :-) I still love Survivor. I really love Game of Thrones. Yes, I totally geeked out over the new Star Wars movie. Finally got talked into getting a smartphone. No, I don't know how to use it. Who do I think is hot these days?

Three guys named Chris, and one named Channing.

yeah he looks angry, but oh god! The chest!

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