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things that make you go hmmmmm

I think LJ is holding a grudge against me because I go to facebook more now. I try to view friend posts but the log in doesn't seem to hold, so I can't see friend locked posts. Even when I do log in, it only works maybe 1 in 10 tries. The rest of the time it's like I didn't ever try to log in and returns to the same base page. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. pffft. So I hope everyone is well!
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Hi there!!! Hope you're all well, darlin' xx

You know my LJ problems started when we changed our router, did you make any changes lately??

Hehe, I was channel surfing the other day and Troy popped up on the tv... right at the scene in your icon. Now THAT makes me go hmmmmm!

I had an issue with logins for a while after I used my phone app to login to LJ and then later the same night tried my laptop. My saved login and password on my laptop were gone so had to log back in and re-save password but it's been fine since then... did you use your phone to access LJ?

How's the shoulder healing? *hugs*
That's so weird. What browser are you using? Maybe it's not accepting cookies which LJ uses to keep you logged in. Maybe re-install the browser or try another one?

Love you! {{{Lamby}}}