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Hello LJ land! *waves* Yes, it's been a long time. We've all got real lives to take care of, don't we. Most of mine this last year has been getting through my husband's Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma diagnosis and chemotherapy. He's doing well and officially in remission now, so things are looking up. How is everyone else? Lately I've had an overwhelming urge to post some pics, and have a good *plotz* over a new addition to the man bar. But where to go for a good *plotz*? I can't do that on Facebook, my mother and mother-in-law read that! No, there's only one place to go for a good *plotzing*, and that's LJ! I hope I can still remember how to post pictures. Even if no one else sees them, this is going to feel good. :-) Like an old, warm blanket you don't ever want to get rid of. Only hotter and sexier. So who do I want to *plotz* over? His name is Kit Harington, and he will be familiar to anyone who watches Game of Thrones, one of the most awesome shows on the telly, I must say. I love him as Jon Snow, but my juices really started flowing when I saw Pompeii. The movie was OK, but OMEru I almost burst something when he came out in his gladiator outfit. You'll see...

I think I need a warm-up before getting to the *plotziest* is Kit as Jon Snow. Gorgeous, but wearing far too much clothing. It's cold, and winter is coming, after all. ;-)

Now this is better. I didn't caption it, some other witty fangirl did.

Nice kitty...

It's always dark hair. Dark eyes. Slender build. Slinky hips. Pouty lips. Oh god, the pouty lips...

HOLY SHIT *plotz* He's killing me with those abs. Just killing me. They're just so good you want to scrub your laundry on there. OK, so I really don't want to scrub my laundry, I want to do something else requiring a lot of body contact. Nnnggg.

So that was nice! I should do this more often. Battle of Five Armies is coming out soon, too. :-) Yay!
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