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Hello LJ land! *waves* Yes, it's been a long time. We've all got real lives to take care of, don't we. Most of mine this last year has been getting through my husband's Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma diagnosis and chemotherapy. He's doing well and officially in remission now, so things are looking up. How is everyone else? Lately I've had an overwhelming urge to post some pics, and have a good *plotz* over a new addition to the man bar. But where to go for a good *plotz*? I can't do that on Facebook, my mother and mother-in-law read that! No, there's only one place to go for a good *plotzing*, and that's LJ! I hope I can still remember how to post pictures. Even if no one else sees them, this is going to feel good. :-) Like an old, warm blanket you don't ever want to get rid of. Only hotter and sexier. So who do I want to *plotz* over? His name is Kit Harington, and he will be familiar to anyone who watches Game of Thrones, one of the most awesome shows on the telly, I must say. I love him as Jon Snow, but my juices really started flowing when I saw Pompeii. The movie was OK, but OMEru I almost burst something when he came out in his gladiator outfit. You'll see...

I think I need a warm-up before getting to the *plotziest* is Kit as Jon Snow. Gorgeous, but wearing far too much clothing. It's cold, and winter is coming, after all. ;-)

Now this is better. I didn't caption it, some other witty fangirl did.

Nice kitty...

It's always dark hair. Dark eyes. Slender build. Slinky hips. Pouty lips. Oh god, the pouty lips...

HOLY SHIT *plotz* He's killing me with those abs. Just killing me. They're just so good you want to scrub your laundry on there. OK, so I really don't want to scrub my laundry, I want to do something else requiring a lot of body contact. Nnnggg.

So that was nice! I should do this more often. Battle of Five Armies is coming out soon, too. :-) Yay!
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Heh, your manbar has expanded some, I see.

So glad the hubby is doing better. It was indeed a rough year for you. Hope I kept you somewhat distracted.

Missed you so much at Burbank Con. Not quite the same without you. Which reminds me, I've been meaning to post some photos of Burcon. Will have to work on that soon. What his name, Jensen something or other was :)
You always distract me with your evil, delicious ways. :D Wish I could have been at the Con with you again! Please post some piccies, I'd love to see them. Yes, the manbar has expanded...another Brit too, go figure. But he's yummy!
Glad this year is almost over! Been a rough one for your family :( *hugs you*

All I can say is, "You know nothing, Jon Snow!" Love, love GOT!!
It has been a rough year. Cancer, lost two of our furry friends, it kinda sucked! And you had to endure Jeter retiring, among other things. I was thinking of you. I was heartbroken when Patrick Roy retired, but at least he's coaching now so I still get to see him on the bench. Maybe Jeter will coach? Anyways this coming year should be better. oooooh man, I LOVE GoT like whoa! Have you read the books too? Can't wait for the next one to come out.
I did read all the books... going to start reading them a second time soon so I'm up to speed when the new one comes out. It's getting so hard to remember where they left off... keep getting mixed up between the show and the books :P Over the freaking hill!! LOL

Jeter says he will not be involved in baseball any more unless it is as a team owner. It's so strange to think of the Yankees without him O.O
Awwww. You're Jeterless! I have a hard time remembering too, what was on the TV show and what was from the books. Our senility is already kicking in. ;-)
Do you know GRR Martin's LJ? He Just posed a pissed off post about crap rumors about the next book's publishing date, etc.
I didn't know he had LJ! For real? I wouldn't want to read all the crap floating around online if I was an author or whatever. Famous people should just not go there! p.s. love the icon


December 15 2014, 06:20:13 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  December 15 2014, 06:21:23 UTC

Yup... you can find George RR Martin at his LJ named grrm! He's a pisser. Posts about football quite a bit and has some rules about what you can reply on which kinds of posts. It's a good place to get links to his various sites, and he's always posting about awards and the GOT actors with some behind the scenes stuff. They all seem to visit him in New Mexico now and then. Check it out :)

Thanks on the icon. I only have these two Kirk icons left. My credit card had to be replaced because of identity theft and when my LJ came up for renewal they had my old card number so I lost a crap load of my iconage :( SO sad *sigh*
I've had to have two credit cards replaced for identity theft! Boy that sucks pond water about your icons! I'm not sure if I remember how to make them anymore!
Right? Since I lost my Orlando Love *cough* I don't use Photoshop much. Tried to make a Halloween banner for my Facebook and couldn't remember how! LOL! Talk about lost brain cells. Plus since my computer died and the office bought me a new laptop to do my work on, they set me up with as many of the same programs I used to have but they didn't have PSCS2 so I now have PS5.5 and It's SO different from PSCS2 *sigh*
I even had to look up the code for an lj cut because I couldn't remember it correctly! Have you seen the movie yet?
LOL, I hear ya, I had to do that, too!

Yes, took my nephew to see The Hobbit yesterday. Very sad.
Hey lady! Lymphoma. Yeah, that'll make for a fun year. As will chemo. No stress, worry, side effects there. We've spent the year doing chemo and surgery with my m-i-l, so you have my sympathy. Glad for the remission diagnosis.

And yes, I too have an urge to post pictures of the pretty. Or revive MOTEMs. So I'm here and wanting to lick both your icon and the lovely Kit. He's pretty as Jon Snow, but things are indeed prettier south of the wall.

(And GoT is indeed one of the worst shows on TV. Shame too with so many good actors. But seriously, can you explain to me how they got so many massive trees north of the wall where it is continuously frozen with zero possibility for photosynthesis?! Can anyone say "treeline"? And how do you grow enough food for a 5 year winter? All your land should be in grain and your towns should be nothing but granaries.)

Anyhoo, thanks for the lovely. You have brightened my evening!
LOL, you crack me up! There are Others and Walkers beyond the wall, and you want to know how they can grow trees there? heeheehee. You have my sympathy as well. Chemo is a bitch. It nearly kills you to cure you. Any family member going through that is rough.
Lovely to see you Lynn! I'm sorry to hear you've had such a challenging year but glad that things are looking up.*hugs*

I haven't seen Game of Thrones but did see Pompeii and share your appreciation for Mr Harington, oh yes!*drools*
*waves* hi Gem! Thank you peep. I hope you and your family are well too. :-)