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Annual "Hot Hockey Players" list...and stuff

Hi all! Been trying to catch up, lurking here and there but life calls, as all of us know it does. We are gearing up to remodel our kitchen this summer, got lots of stuff ordered and planned. We have a separate dining room which we hardly ever use, with the typical pile-up of odds and ends on the table, so we are taking down the wall between this and the kitchen to make one big eat-in kitchen, one table and then a peninsula with bar stools. My current kitchen is sad and small, so it should be awesome when it's done. Only thing is, hubby and I are trying to do a lot of the work ourselves to save money (kitchens are soooo blasted expensive!) and my hubby is procrastinator extraordinaire. ;-) We'll see how that goes. So I've seen the Star Trek movie once and plan to go back again this weekend, because I LOVED it. Also I think I am developing a thing for Benedict Cumberbatch. :-) Most importantly, HOCKEY PLAYOFFS are on!!!!! Of course my team, Montreal, already got beat again in the first round. *sigh* There's still lots of hotness out there to enjoy, and I am trying to expand this year. Some guys make the list every year because they are just that damned good-looking, but there are some newbies too. Without further ado...

First and foremost, Sidney Crosby from the Pittsburg Penguins. *checks* yep, still incredibly sexy and talented. He makes the list permanently. :D

This year Sid has some company from his team, Kris Letang. He's French-Canadian. *breathes heavily*

Can't leave out Carey Price, goalie for my team. He's scrumptious, even with that bothersome text over his pretty head.

I almost feel guilty about posting Tyler Seguin from the Boston Bruins because anyone named Tyler is automatically like half my age... ;-) I'm not even sure he can legally drink in the US yet...but look at that face! Plus that pic of him and his dog is effing adorable!

Next, Henrik Lundqvist, Swedish goalie for the New York Rangers. I hate the Rangers but damn, he's fine.

I actually have a second player from the Rangers team (crap, I hate the Rangers!) named Taylor Pyatt. I admit, I have no idea how good he is playing hockey, but he makes the list for those eyes alone. *swoons*

This is Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators, or Mr. Carrie Underwood for you country music fans. She's one lucky lady.

And THIS is Scottie Upshall of the Florida Panthers. Oh my.

Last but not least, Vincent Lecavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning. He's French Canadian too. What can I say, it's a thing with me. *g*

My love to you all!
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Loved Star Trek too! Benedict Cumberbatch was pretty amazing in it and he looks REALLY nice with the extra weight/muscles he put on for the role. Plus he's in black, black and more black. Pretty HOT actually. And typical me, I cried during the you know what scene. Was pretty much a mess. :P

Woah, some of those hockey players are smokin' hot. Bet they can handle their a stick really well too.

Good luck on the kitchen, it sounds like you'll definitely have more room! Crack the whip on the hubby! LOL.

Love you and miss you! *HUGS*
Miss you toooooo! I already liked BC since you got me utterly hooked on Sherlock, but DANG he looked good with the hair and the muscle and the black form-fitting clothes, didn't he? And I bawled like a baby too. *g* Can't wait to see it again. Would be fun to do a hockey game together someday- I know you'd enjoy it but Ser would be bored to death. ;-)
So you're a Cumberbitch? : D Have you seen this episode of Graham Norton:

Impressive collection you have there! I have to agree on Tyler Seguin, young as he may be...mmm

Good luck with the kitchen reno, will be nice to have more space.

I hope you have a lovely summer!
No I haven't seen it! Thanks for the link! Long live Cumberbitches. Tyler also is quite lovely, isn't he. Something to keep you warm as your days get colder now. :-)
Anything that adds heat very much appreciated, lol!
heheheeh Lambie! A year ago already?? Love to you too XX
Oh how the time flies! You survived a kitchen reno, hope ours turns out as nicely as yours did nuit. *hug*
So good to see you here.....

Have been hanging out with some canadians recently and the subject of hockey has come up a couple of times. Sadly I have had nothing to contribute to the conversation. My friend lambie says there are hockey hotties probably would have been recieved with some disdain...

Good luck with the kitchen - sounds like it should be good when finished...

LOL! Canadians in general take their hockey pretty might indeed have gotten a few eye rolls or curled lips with a statement like that. Is good to see you too peep. :-) I was away a long time.