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Happy New Year!

Here's hoping everyone has had splendid holidays!!! I did try to get my cards out on time this year but some may arrive late, and I've already gotten a couple back for having the wrong addy on them...blast! I blame the death of our computer earlier this year, probably had some new addresses on there that I never transferred to my written address book. Nonetheless, I really do wish all my f-list happy Christmas and New Year! Thank you to everyone who sent me something from afar. I had a lovely Christmas (got my Hobbit calendar yay!!! Love how they put Leggy in there even though he wasn't in this first movie! LOL) despite still being sick. Hubby (and virtually all around me) think it is pneumonia, not bronchitis. Whatever it is, it's not dead yet. I sound like I have either croup or whooping cough. As a result I've only seen The Hobbit three times. Got to work on that some more. My Thorin and Kili crushes are growing. :-) May the new year bring you all love and light. ♥
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