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High school. Really? And Eric Bana is still crazy hot.

Thank you elflady_2001 and unplugged32 both for the Valentine's! I don't know why you all keep bothering with me when I'm so hopeless at keeping up. *must do better* My oldest daughter is now signed up for high school classes next year. High school! I can't believe it. She's also going to swim for the high school team and join the marching and concert bands. The marching band is going to DisneyWorld and Universal Studios next spring-- when I first found out I was yelling to my husband "YOU MEAN SHE'S GOING TO SEE HARRY POTTER WORLD BEFORE ME? ...then my hubby rolled his eyes and informed me that they need chaperones, duh. So I promptly volunteered to be chaperone. Best thing is Lydia wants me to come, so I guesss I'm not too uncool yet for a parent. ;-) Finally got around to seeing "Hanna" which was not that good imo, but holy shit does Eric still have an amazing bod. *fans self* This weekend a girlfriend and I are seeing "Journey to Mysterious Island" so we can ogle The Rock's bod. *mini squee* And SURVIVOR has started again!!! *big huge squee* So life is going on amidst the laundry, homework and TaeKwonDo classes I'm running the kids back and forth to. Hope you all are doing good, I've been trying to go back and see all the things I've missed. ♥
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